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The Art of Sanchin-Ryu DVD: Level 4


The fourth video in The art of Sanchin-Ryu DVD home training series, Level 4: 3rd Degree Brown Belt. Experience over 1-hour of step-by-step instruction on the 5th & 6th forms of Sanchin-Ryu: Geri and Seiu. Additional focal points include: in-depth looks at the forms' many angular approaches, breakdown of the presented strategies, Seiu's "flurry" combination, and many more! From kyu-ranking student to master-level sensei, this training resource will both advance and inspire your Sanchin-Ryu study. Along with the information listed above, this disc also features a quite lengthy look at Sanchin-Ryu's 7th form: Seiu-San.

Chapters on the Level 4 DVD:

  1. Overview of Sanchin-Ryu's 5th form: Geri
  2. Geri: Section 1
  3. Geri: Section 2
  4. Application of Geri
  5. Geri Training Exercise: Part 1
  6. Geri Training Exercise: Part 2
  7. Geri Training Exercise: Part 3
  8. Geri Training Exercise: Part 4
  9. Geri Training Exercise: Part 5
  10. Hand-to-Hand from within Geri: Part 1
  11. Hand-to-Hand from within Geri: Part 2
  12. Overview of Sanchin-Ryu's 6th form: Seiu
  13. Seiu: Section 1
  14. Seiu: Section 2
  15. Application of Seiu
  16. Seiu Training Exercise: Part 1
  17. Seiu Training Exercise: Part 2
  18. Seiu Training Exercise: Part 3
  19. Hand-to-Hand from within Seiu: Part 1
  20. Hand-to-Hand from within Seiu: Part 2
  21. Introduction to Sanchin-Ryu's 7th Form: Seiu-San

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